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  • Vibrant Tanzania1:59

    Vibrant Tanzania

    Discover Tanzania's abundant wildlife, vast landscapes and rich culture on a virtual safari tour to this vibrant country.

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  • Marvelous Kenya2:51

    Marvelous Kenya

    Immerse yourself on a virtual safari to Kenya's main parks and enjoy their incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes.

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  • Elephant climbing at lodge in Kafue1:03

    Elephant climbing at lodge in Kafue

    This elephant bull has made it an almost daily routine to feed on the vegetation around this lodge at the Kafue River. He created his own trail including climbing over the railing along the foot path.

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  • Elephant at Mfuwe Lodge0:13

    Elephant at Mfuwe Lodge

    Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa is visited by elephants every year when the mangos are ripe for consumption. The herd walks through the lobby to get to the mangos or like this elephant bull climbs over t

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  • Remember Kafue1:14

    Remember Kafue

    Kafue National Park is still a less traveled safari destination, leaving extensive space to its amazing wildlife, making it a great place for the animals and its visitors.

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  • Sensing South Luangwa1:37

    Sensing South Luangwa

    Enter the wilderness of South Luangwa National Park and get a sense of its rich wildlife.

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  • Spirit of Lower Zambezi1:23

    Spirit of Lower Zambezi

    Step into the mystical Lower Zambezi National Park for a glimpse of its beauty and amazing wildlife.

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  • Inside Mana Pools1:10

    Inside Mana Pools

    Take a dip into Mana Pools mystic light, majestic trees and splendid wildlife. This prime wildlife area is located along the Zambezi, which provides a great variety of habitats and different safari ac

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  • WaterLand Kariba1:23

    WaterLand Kariba

    The shores of Lake Kariba are rich with wildlife and offer beautiful views of the lake and its surrounding landscape. Safari activities are conducted by boat and 4x4 game drive vehicle to experience t

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  • Unwind in Nature ... Hwange1:58

    Unwind in Nature ... Hwange

    Unwind in the abundant nature of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe with its big elephant herds and beautiful lions being part of the rich wildlife population of the park.

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  • Enchanting Zambia2:17

    Enchanting Zambia

    Embark on a visual journey to Zambia's national parks and its incredible wildlife.

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  • Natural Zimbabwe3:34

    Natural Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe's main destinations Hwange, Lake Kariba and Mana Pools are wildlife rich and allow safari guests great up close sightings. Get an impression what this amazing safari destination has to offer.

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  • A Glance of the Wild1:24

    A Glance of the Wild

    Get up close with amazing wildlife during game drives on African safaris.

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  • Etosha Salt Pan0:54

    Etosha Salt Pan

    The Etosha Salt Pan is mesmerising by its vast emptiness, bright light, and unearthly colours. The sky appears to be higher and the wildlife relaxed despite the harsh conditions.

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  • Kunene Himba0:40

    Kunene Himba

    At a remote place in the Hartman Valley in northern Namibia the Himba tribe is living its traditional life.

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  • Damaraland1:08


    Vastness, mountains and colours, that is Damaraland, home to Twijfelfontein, the desert elephants and desert rhinos.

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  • Skeleton Coast1:21

    Skeleton Coast

    Skeleton Coast National Park is an exceptional part of the desert shaped by the wind and waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Flamingos at Walvisbay0:46

    Flamingos at Walvisbay

    At the end of a long drive through sheer endless desert, visitors of Walvis Bay will be welcomed by flamingos graciously exploring the shallow waters of the beach. Walvis Bay and Swakopmund are very c

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  • Namib Rand Nature Reserve, Namibia0:52

    Namib Rand Nature Reserve, Namibia

    The NamibRand Nature Reserve, is a vast privately owned reserve bordering the Namib Naukluft Park and is situated south of Sossusvlei. The reserve is incredibly beautiful and diverse.

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  • Sossusvlei0:59


    Sossusvlei is condensed magic in the shape of red sand dunes.

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