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Roho Ya Chui, Swahili for "soul of leopard", your partner for innovative training solutions in combination with safari packages and wildlife photography.

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The infinite resources of the unconsciousness cannot be ac- cessed by thinking alone, they are beyond thinking, they are knowing. Somehow we know that, yet do mostly nothing with this knowledge, although we communicate on unconscious level con- stantly. The communication on this level can also be called com- munication on energy level, theoretically based on quantum phys- ics. It is that gut feeling or intuition we know so well, but often find too vague to do something with it. Yet it doesn't matter what we think about this "vague" intuition or communication on energy level, we do it anyway. But we do it un- consciously, leaving out the benefits its immense recourses have to offer for business and daily life. And access is gained easily. The key is photography. Photogra- phy makes the non-visible and non-physical of the unconscious level visible and physical and therefore consciously accessible. One only needs a manual and the quantum leap will happen, making the step from thinking to knowing. The training is providing both, the key and the manual. ABOUT 2

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