On Photo Safari: Sundowners

August 10, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
Being on safari is already great, but there is one part of it that creates a really special experience, the sundowner.

Imagine being out in the bush on game drives all day, exposed to nature, sun and amazing animals. You are full of what you saw, tired from doing your wildlife photography for the entire day, exhausted from the impressions and the sun and then comes the magical moment that gives you back your energy and forms the perfect closure of the day. The vehicle stops at a spot with a great view, the sun is settling and you get out of the vehicle, stretch your legs, feel the ground and refresh yourself with a cool drink (not necessarily an alcoholic one). All tiredness is falling off and only the great moments stay and you enjoy them again while watching the sun going down on the horizon.

Maybe the sundowner is the most perfect incentive of all.

Enjoy it!

Happy travelling.

Ute Sonnenberg for www.rohoyachui.com

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