What did Nelson Mandela for African safaris?

December 9, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
Last Thursday one of the greatest world leaders passed away, leaving his country and the world with his heritage of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. Nelson Mandela gave his people freedom and lead South African into a democratic future.

What we nowadays take for granted is the result of his work. Going on African safari in South Africa is on top of many bucket lists. And you can just do it. Visitors from many countries don’t need a visa to visit South Africa for holidays. Travelling in the country is easy to do with self-drive. The supermarkets provide the food you know from home and educated staff looks after you in your bush lodges.

All this feels only normal to us today, but it was not in the past. The country could develop the way it did, because of him and as a result visitors love it and not only, because of the amazing wildlife.

Happy safari travelling in this beautiful country!

Ute Sonnenberg for www.rohoyachui.com

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