How to Photograph Maasai People

July 16, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
The Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania are very beautiful and proud people. They live in the Serengeti and the Masai Mara and one can easily see them herding they cattle when being on a photographic safari, wildlife photography course or team building photographic safari. They make fantastic photographic “subjects” with their colorful traditional clothes, decorated with beautiful beadwork. But one should know that they want to be asked before you photograph them, otherwise it can get a bit nasty. And because they are quick learners, they adjusted to tourism and will ask for some money for being photographed. Usually the amount can be negotiated and they will be really patient with the photographer and helpful to get great shots. It is only a pity that the photographs will be posed and not spontaneous snap shots. However, they are impressive people and fabulous for photographers.

Happy travel snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for

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