Can I get photo equipment on African safari?

November 13, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
There are many ways of going on African safari, but all include somehow photography. Some guests enjoy the most watching the animals and will snap only a bit when the Big 5 make their appearance, just to have proof for their family back home that they really saw them. Otherwise they enjoy nature, being outdoors and seeing the wildlife.

Then there are the photography lovers and advanced photography enthusiasts. They will have at least a bridge model digital camera and most likely a DSLR. These guests are experienced photography travellers, choosing their holiday destination with an eye on the photographic opportunities. But they might not have the equipment for great wildlife photography and they often don’t know, if their African safari holiday will be a once off or if they will come back. The question will be, should I buy that extra lens for the safari or not?

There is an easy answer to that question that makes life much easier. Some safari lodges offer professional photographic equipment, an ideal situation as one can try it out on safari and decide later, if it is worth buying it. It can be a bit challenging when you try to photograph the one leopard and you are not used to the camera, but it is great to have the opportunity to try out this amazing photo gear.

Ask when you plan you safari, if this is interesting for you.

Happy wildlife safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for

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