Why Light Matters on Photo Safari

October 5, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
As you go on photographic safari to enjoy wildlife photography, you got to be conscious of the light. Every safari destination has different light, defined by the land, the sun, the soil and water. The Masai Mara light is very soft rich and honey golden, at least during the golden hour. The light in the Okavango Delta is very crisp rich with every color evenly saturated. The light in Kruger in South Africa is a bright rich light, almost at the edge of being too bright, even during golden hour.

Knowing that, you will be able to adjust your camera settings to achieve the best results and to anticipate to changing situations. It will also help with expectations. Don’t expect Masai Mara colors in the Okavango Delta and vise versa. Keep at all times checking the light situation and adjust accordingly and you will go home with great wildlife photos.

And even back home when you make a photo book with your safari images, you will see that it is not a match to put photos from different light zones in the bush on the same page. Somehow it doesn’t work.

Happy enlightened wildlife photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for www.rohoyachui.com 

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