The non-material resources you need for a great safari

October 2, 2013 Roho Ya Chui
Besides the necessary funds to go on photographic safari, some photo equipment and the post-production equipment, there are other meaningful resources for a successful wildlife photography safari.

Make sure you do the right planning. Is the routing all right to avoid time loss? Do I visit the right safari parks to see what I want to see? Am I trying to do too much within the time I have? Read about it in books and on the Internet. Talk to people with experience and most of all don’t push yourself too far in terms of what you can all do on one safari day. Relax. A day on safari is not like a day rushing around in a city. You can rush, but it will not get you anywhere. Time is different in the bush.

Read some books on photography to learn about wildlife photography and the special conditions in the African savanna. Don’t get carried away with things you think you will absolutely need on safari. Less is more. Just bring the right things and often you have them already.

If you can, take a day rest before going into the bush. That will make you enjoying your photo safari from the very first moment.

Happy safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for

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